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6 Quick Tips About Searching & Booking Flights

6 Quick Tips About Searching & Booking Flights

Booking Flights can be fun and sometimes be giving you the biggest headache! Today I am sharing with you some tips I gather over the year in my personal & professional experience.

1. The cheapest is not always the best option

6 Quick Tips About Searching & Booking Flights #bookingflights #cheapflights #acheerymind

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I know saving money is a thing, losing lots of time ain’t one. When booking flights, first, look at the shortest travel duration. Example: a Paris-New York on a direct flight is about 8hours. So if you find cheap flights taking 46 hours you may want to reconsider the idea a bit. You want a Good Deal, but not spending half your holidays in planes & airports. 


2. The fewer Airlines, the better

6 Quick Tips About Searching & Booking Flights #bookingflights #cheapflights #acheerymind

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Sometimes when you look up at Booking Flights via Search Engines (Jetcost, Skyscanner, Expedia..) they offer you the options of mixing up Airlines.
Some Airlines do have a partnership. Like the ones in the same rewards program. Skyteam for example, you have Air France & Korean Air, well they can work together on flights. But others DO NOT.
You may end up booking 3 legs with 3 different airlines.
The problem?
If the first of your flights is late and you miss the second one (and the 3rd, etc..): Well you will pay! I know you’re thinking « But if I have lots of time between flights? » Sure, try it, but the airline is not responsible for your other flights, so it’s on you. Worth it to be a  bit more to make sure you are taking care of by the Airlines in case of flight delays!

3. Layover and Transfers

6 Quick Tips About Searching & Booking Flights #bookingflights #cheapflights #acheerymind
That’s another one you want to look at, 2 things here.
Some Airlines offers a better deal if you spend time where the Airlines is from. Like Emirates: 
If you book a Paris to Sydney with Emirates, often the flight will be cheaper if you spend a few days in Dubai. Where you will have a stop anyway. Win-Win if you never been there!
Now about transfers. Even if you book the full journey with one Airlines, try to avoid booking 30 min transfer between flights. Because even if you make it maybe your luggage won’t! 

4. Comparing rates: Apple to Apple

Make sure you compare equally based on your needs. If you just need to hop on hop off with a hand luggage that’s easy.
But, if you need to check in a luggage make sure it is there. You don’t want to have to add that at the airport, it’s wayyy more expensive. Be sure your luggage is included in both prices. Whether it is the cabin luggage or the checked in luggage.
Check the weight allowed too and then compare!
Also, when comparing, don’t forget that the super attracted rates you see may not have all the taxes included. This doubles the fare at the end, so go deeper in the search to make sure you have all the details.
6 Quick Tips About Searching & Booking Flights #bookingflights #cheapflights #acheerymind
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5. Look up  Airlines Quality

A great way to learn more about the airline is to go to by Skytrax. The Airlines are rated and it gives you the first glimpse.? Just to make sure that super amazing cheap rate you got isn’t one of the worst Airlines ^^ BUT! Read between the lines! Giving 1 star to an airline during a snowstorm because they couldn’t fly is not super relevant, right?
Having a long flight? Read feedbacks about seat comfort, food, entertainment on board… That’s what you really need to know!

6 Quick Tips About Searching & Booking Flights #bookingflights #cheapflights #acheerymind

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6. Booking

Do all the comparison search via Search Engine.

Then, once you have found the Airlines that has everything you need, go to their website to make your booking.

I have heard so many times people booking flights on other-than-the-airline website and having problems. Problems like “oh actually your flight isn’t available, but too late” or “Oh sorry, we forgot to book your flight so you have no seats.” I know, sounds crazy, but it happened.

So go to the Website of the Airlines directly and get those flights!

6 Quick Tips About Searching & Booking Flights #bookingflights #cheapflights #acheerymind

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Bonus Tips!

Once you have booked your flight, don’t forget to check in online 24 hours (on average) before your flight. So you can choose your seat. Windows, aisle, middle… I love to pick the seat where no one is behind me. Even if the seat doesn’t go as low at least I won’t have anyone bumping in it the entire flights!
6 Quick Tips About Searching & Booking Flights #bookingflights #cheapflights #acheerymind
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I hope this was helpful! Pin it and share the word!
6 Quick Tips About Searching & Booking Flights #bookingflights #cheapflights #acheerymind