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Your Ultimate Iguazu Falls Guide in Argentina

Your Ultimate Iguazu Falls Guide in Argentina

I read a lot before going to Argentina because I had so many questions about our trip. I couldn’t find what I wanted. So I hope this Iguazu Falls Guide will help you!

I will recommend spending a complete day in Iguazu Falls so to be in Puerto Iguazu the day before and to leave the day after you visited the Falls.

To get to Iguazu it is pretty easy from Buenos Aires as Aerolineas Argentinas offers lots of flight options – the flight is about 1h30. You can also opt for the bus which will take more time?

We flew from Salta, direct flight with Aerolineas Argentinas and reach the Cataratas International Airport in the afternoon.

How to get to Puerto Iguazu.

Exit through the doors right after baggage claims at the airport. On the left-hand side, you will find the Taxi Company which has a small booth where you can get your taxis.

The price is based on where you go; it’s 350 ARS until downtown Puerto Iguazu (which is advertised). Our hotel was 500m from downtown so we paid 400ARS (23USD).

You can also get the local bus to get to Puerto Iguazu, we haven’t done so because we weren’t sure how close we could get to our hotel. Note that some of the streets in Puerto Iguazu are not meant to walk with a suitcase as it is quite rocky! So again – Taxi worked better for us!

Where to Stay.

There are quite good options for you in Puerto Iguazu & one inside the Park! We stayed at Iguassu Flower Garden a lovely B&B well located in Puerto Iguazu (Entre Rios Street). Our host was a delight and explained everything we needed to know to get to Iguazu Falls.

How to get there.

The next morning, we took the local bus on the main road – Avenida Tres Fronteras – but you can also take it from the main station whatever is closest to you. The bus has a Cataratas sign on it, and it takes a good 40 minutes to get to the falls.

Another option is to take a taxi, which will be way more expensive of course.

We got to Iguazu Falls National Park around 9-10am, got our ticket at the entrance and started the park visit.

What to do.

Once you enter the park there is a yellow booth where you can book extra activities like the boat going under the falls, etc..

We booked the short trip one – best decision ever as we had TONS of fun!

Side note: If you want to do it too, plan an extra set of clothes, or go with your swimsuit? Because you get out SOAKING WET like you went all dressed jumping in a pool kinda soaked. They will give you a large waterproof bag to keep your belongings dry while you are not dry anymore! HA!

In the park you have a couple of different paths to take you will have a map with you:

  • The Green trail is a small walk in the forest starting from the entrance that leads to the main train station (count 20 minutes by walk). You can take the train straight from the beginning too if you wish.
  • Then, at the main train station, there are 2 loops. They take you both to different viewpoints -count 45min to 1 hour including stopping for each.
    • The lower loop is the one that leads to the boat departure de the falls.
    • The lower loop is also from where you can take the boat to the small island in the middle called Isla San Martin. We could not do it as there were not enough water unfortunately but I bet the view is amazing!
  • The last trip to the park is to take the train that goes all the way up to see the falls. Count 15-20minutes with the train and another 25minutes walk to reach the falls by foot.

Where to eat.

For lunch, there are a few options within the park, like subway, empanadas and other fast food option. I read it was crazy expensive, and honestly, it was not that bad. At lunch be careful, you will be surrounded by Coati. Not that they are super dangerous, but they want your food, that’s for sure. Be reminded that you are in their home and you have food under their noise, so obviously they are going to come for it. You can either eat inside or outside but just keep your food in your hand? And just be mindful.

You can also bring your own water, and I believe food too if you want!


  • The bus ticket cost 75 ARS  (4,25 USD) one way per person
  • The entrance to Iguazu Falls is 500 ARS  (28,5 USD) per person
  • The price for the speedboat going under the falls is – if I remember correctly- 550ARS (31 USD) per person
  • For lunch, I paid 80 ARS (less than 5USD) for 4 Empanadas just to give you an idea

Leaving Iguazu Falls National Park

The way back to Puerto Iguazu is as easy as to come here.

You can take a taxi or you can take the local bus.

For the bus, when you exit the park go on your right. And buy your bus ticket in the shop (a guy will be near the bus to ask you if you need a ticket) and off you go. Easy as that!


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Your Ultimate Iguazu Falls Guide in Argentina | #Argentina #IguazuFalls #ArgentinaTravel #TravelGuide

Your Ultimate Iguazu Falls Guide in Argentina | #Argentina #IguazuFalls #ArgentinaTravel #TravelGuide Your Ultimate Iguazu Falls Guide in Argentina | #Argentina #IguazuFalls #ArgentinaTravel #TravelGuide Your Ultimate Iguazu Falls Guide in Argentina | #Argentina #IguazuFalls #ArgentinaTravel #TravelGuide Your Ultimate Iguazu Falls Guide in Argentina | #Argentina #IguazuFalls #ArgentinaTravel #TravelGuideYour Ultimate Iguazu Falls Guide in Argentina | #Argentina #IguazuFalls #ArgentinaTravel #TravelGuide Your Ultimate Iguazu Falls Guide in Argentina | #Argentina #IguazuFalls #ArgentinaTravel #TravelGuide

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