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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Hotel Deals

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Hotel Deals

Who has never dreamed of getting great Hotel Deals for every holiday?

When I plan a trip somewhere – my go-to website is Even for work, I use it!

I love how it is set up and the options you have. Make sure you make use of the filters available.


What is your room budget per night? Click your range and let do the hardest part of the job for you! It will only leave hotel matching your needs.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Hotel Deals #hoteldeals #cheapdeals #bookinghotel #acheerymind

Photo Credit: Arlo NoMad NYC


Are you like me and can’t imagine starting the day without breakfast? Tick the box « Breakfast included » in the filter tab. will give hotels within your budget inclusive of breakfast? Voila!

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Hotel Deals #hoteldeals #cheapdeals #bookinghotel #acheerymind

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Review score

I select right at the beginning the score I want to the hotel to have. I only pick hotels that have 8+, why? Because there are so many options out there why would you not? Then of course, if I can find what I want I will look into 7+. Always read reviews! Like I said in my previous post on Booking Flights read between the lines! Read what matters to YOU.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Hotel Deals #hoteldeals #cheapdeals #bookinghotel #acheerymind

Photo by Rebe Adelaida on Unsplash

Star Rating

So here is the think about star rating. First, not all hotels are officially rated.

Second, what is considered to be a 5* hotel in one country can be way lower in another one. So don’t get bothered about this too much. There are different systems that rates hotels. Most of the time the rating (whether it’s stars, diamonds…) is used to assess the key features of the hotels. Spa, butler services, restaurants, elevator, room size…

The only thing you may want to consider is 4* vs 5* if you are looking for a hotel to TREAT-YO-SELF.

Sometimes a 4* with an upgraded room category (ocean view, suites…) is a better deal than a standard room in a 5* (with a parking view HA !)

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Hotel Deals #hoteldeals #cheapdeals #bookinghotel #acheerymind

Photo Credit: Goya Boutique Resort 4*, Bali

Deals & Discount

Hum YEAH! Definitely tick that box! You want to see which hotel have amazing deals today

Bedding Type

Okay. So bedding type will avoid any kind of misunderstanding. And I am saying this because I am from the hotel industry too. If you are booking a hotel for your romantic weekend, make SURE you book a double bed. Unless you want to be in trouble HA!

Twin beds are two small bed separated-ish (sometimes better than others ^^). And best when you are sharing a room with a friend.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Hotel Deals #hoteldeals #cheapdeals #bookinghotel #acheerymind

Photo Credit: Twin Room at Hotel Berlin, Berlin

Hotel Facility

Free Wifi – A must!

If you are driving to the hotel, better to take one with a parking! Be careful, not all parking is free, and some needs a reservation. All those details can be found in guest reviews and hotel page information.

Room Facility

Private bathroom. That’s also the kind of surprise you don’t want to have once at the hotel. Cheap Hotel Deals sometimes are surprising! This is mostly the case for hostels and all, but generally speaking, double check?

AC – if you are going to a country with 30°C that’s the kind of option you will want in your room too!

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Hotel Deals #hoteldeals #cheapdeals #bookinghotel #acheerymind

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

This will help you get those Hotel Deals in no time! And deals, that really match YOUR needs!

Any confusion let me know, reading between lines is my job 🙂

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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Hotel Deals #hoteldeals #cheapdeals #bookinghotel #acheerymind